The Association of Veterans Masons was constituted by a group of 27 prominent Cuban Freemasons on May 28, 1893, adopting as a legend the Latin legend “Decoris Decus Adit Abite” which in free translation to our language corresponds to the motto “Add Honor to the Honor of your Ancestors. ” As specified in its Regulations, to enter this Association is required to be an active member of a Constituent Lodge of our Grand Lodge of Cuba, with an uninterrupted activity of 20 years or more in the degree of Master Mason, which will be accredited through a certification Issued by the Symbolic Lodge to which the applicant is affiliated.

Article 4 of the Regulation itself describes the purposes for which this Paramasónica institution was created, as follows:

a. To strengthen the bonds of friendship and fraternal union that must exist among all Freemasons.

b. To promote the greatest growth and aggrandizement of Masonic ideals in all their manifestations

c. Fervently defend the legitimacy of the Grand Lodge of Cuba of A: .L: .and A: .M:., As well as the independence of its symbolism.
d. Faithfully guard the tradition and institutional history and offer younger brothers a dignifying example of consecration to Masonic ideals.
e. Watch jealously that the Masonic principles are fundamental bases of how many institutions are part of Masonry in some way.
f. To contribute to the widest dissemination of culture in all its manifestations and to cooperate with every work of human progress.

By agreement of the Masonic High Chamber dated September 27, 1921 the Veterans Masons Association is considered an integral part of Cuban Freemasonry, and by other agreements of March 26, 1944 and March 25, 1956, official decorations were declared Medal and the Mandil worn by the members of this Association. When the Grand Lodge of Cuba is meeting the only brothers that are received standing is the Sovereign Grand Commander Supreme Council of Fatty 33 for the Republic of Cuba and the Grand Dean of the Most Meritorious Association of Veterans Masons.