National Masonic Museum “Aurelio Miranda Álvarez”

Great Masonic National Temple

The National Masonic Museum opened its doors on February 27, 1955, with its inauguration, it was fulfilled a long-awaited dream of Freemasonry in Cuba: To have a National Center where to expose the passing of a Fraternity that by its own right, had earned a place in the Homeland History.

In this first work, we intend to make known the possibility, through images, to show the values ??that the same has, we will begin a journey through objects and pieces, all of them will awaken in the users of this Website of the Grand Lodge of Cuba, the desire to deepen in the history of a brotherhood, united indissolubly to the development of the Cuban Nation.

The National Masonic Museum currently opens its doors from Monday to Friday in the hours from 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm.