This library was founded in the year of 1893. It was closed by the Spanish authorities in 1895 and reopened in 1909, although it was originally inaugurated in 1916 (next door).

It was closed from 1930 to 1934, due to the events that took place in the country.

Reopened by agreement adopted in the Annual Session of the High Chamber in the year of 1935.

Originally it was known as the “Library of the Grand Lodge of the Island of Cuba”, taking its current name in 1936.

The site where you are today, on the 3rd floor in the new Building of the Grand Lodge of Cuba of A :. L :. already:. M :. (Building next door), built in the same place as the previous one, and definitively completed in 1955. Located on Salvador Allende Ave., # 508, Belascoain corner, Apartado 3080, CP. 10300, Havana Center, Havana City, Cuba.

It is public and has a capacity for some 180,000 books and currently has about 45,000.

In its collection there are books, brochures and magazines dating from the 1800s that cover such diverse topics as History, Information Technology, Marketing and, of course, reproductions of Masonic texts.

The library treasures all the oldest texts on the History of Cuban Masonry as well as the collections of the Magazine of the Grand Lodge of Cuba.

In addition, exhibitions, conferences and other cultural Masonic activities are held.

Biblioteca de la Gran Logia de la Isla de Cuba, a iniciativa de la "Logia Silencio". Fundada en 1916
Vista lateral del interior de la actual Biblioteca
Reloj de la Biblioteca, con Rosa Náutica y Signos Zodiacales
V. H. Néstor Iglesias Laza, Presidente de la Comisión de la Biblioteca y Director