It is one of the organisms that has Freemasonry of Cuba, which is intended for research, purification and the study of Symbolism, History and Masonic Jurisprudence.

In the Semestral session held by the High Masonic Chamber in the city of Cárdenas, on September 25, 1939, a motion was approved unanimously requesting the establishment of a Masonic Corporation for research and studies in the Symbolism, the Jurisprudence and of Masonic History.

In the Semestral Session, held in Manzanillo on September 21, 1945, the High Chamber unanimously ratified the agreement taken in the aforementioned session.

On September 15, 1949, the Most Respectable Grand Master, I.H. Dr. Carlos M. Piñeiro and del Cueto, issues Decree No. 284, by which, he created the CUBAN ACADEMY OF HIGH MASONIC STUDIES, at the same time making known the Statutes and Regulations of the same.

In Decree No. 382 issued on November 18, 1949, the Honorable Number Academic Brothers that would make up this Corporation were appointed:

General President of the Governing Board The Former Grand Master IH. Rafael Santos Jiménez, and as Secretary-Treasurer V.H. Roger Fernández Callejas.

Symbolism Section

President: V.H. José Oñate Gómez, and Secretary: V.H. Fido Franceshi Martínez

Jurisprudence Section

President: Former Grand Master I.H. Carlos M. Piñeiro Crespo, and Secretary: V.H. José I. Montoso Céspedes

History Section

President: V. H. Francisco de Miranda Varona and Secretary: V.H. Rufino Pérez Landa

The official inauguration of the Academy takes place on December 5, 1949, during the ceremony held at the “Benito Juárez” Temple of the Great Masonic National Temple to commemorate the founding of the Most Respectable Grand Lodge of Cuba.

From its beginnings, the Academy fulfilled the purposes for which it was created, performing this function uninterruptedly until the year 1959, when the M.R Grand Master the I.H. Dr. Juan José Tarajano y González, interrupts its normal development.

Thanks to a detailed report that V.H. Dr. Emilio Jorge Reyna Dubois elevates, to M.R. Grand Master, IH Roberto Ferrer Rodríguez, in which he analyzes in an objective and detailed manner the need and reasons that assisted to restore the works of the Academy, as well as the legal way to do it, and the real possibilities that this Corporation fulfilled its objective initial, formulated in 1949, to carry out and direct research and studies of a philosophical nature, which require, refine and rationalize Symbolism, Jurisprudence and the History of Freemasonry.

To fulfill these purposes, the Academy will be responsible for the following tasks:

1.  Organize and direct the investigations that it deems appropriate or that are entrusted to it by the Grand Lodge or Grand Master
2.  Cooperate with all Masonic research that deserves it.
3.  To provide facilities to Freemasons to carry out research and study in the field of Freemasonry.
4.  Inform the Grand Lodge and Grand Master about their studies and research.
5.  Publish the results of your investigations.

The IH Roberto Luis Ferrer Rodríguez, attending this extensive and detailed report, on February 5, 1970, issued Decree No. 1274, which provided for the reopening of the Cuban Academy of High Masonic Studies, which restarted its work on March 5, 1970, being the same constituted as follows:

General President: Former Grand Master I.H. Antonio Iraizoz. and Secretary Treasurer: V.H. Emilio Jorge Reyna Dubois

Symbolism Section

President: V.H. Manuel Cross Gómez
Secretary: V.H. Domingo F. González Gasulla

Jurisprudence Section

President: V.H. Pedro Llaguno Ubieta
Secretary: V.H. Luis Robledo Hernández

History Section

President: V.H. Ricardo Mestre Llano
Secretary: V.H. René Valdés Acosta

The Hon Hno José Luís Vidaurreta Monreal succeeded the Hon. Br. Antonio Iraizoz in the presidency of the Academy, carrying out a fruitful work in charge of this High Masonic Center of Knowledge.

This worthy work was worthily continued by the Hon. Br. Félix Marino Arguelles Valcárcel.

The Hon. Br. Orlando González González assumed the presidency of the Corporation in 1985, being succeeded by Hon. Br. Teodoro Dollar León in 1992.

In 1996, the Hon. Br. Fausto Prieto Braña was elected to direct the work of the Academy, and it should be noted that in 1998 a cycle of Conferences was held to pay homage to the “Centennial of the War of Independence”, being the Cuban Academy of High Masonic Studies the only Cuban Corporation that made this tribute.

In the year 2001 the Former Grand Master, Hon. Br. Racial Martínez Andréu, assumed the presidency of the Academy, who directed his work until December 2005.

In December 2005, Hon. Br. Gustavo E. Pardo Valdes was elected as president of the Corporation.

Numerous were the illustrious freemasons who gave their best in order to fulfill the high objectives for which this Corporation had been created, and which have already become part of the Grand Lodge that the GADU presides over in the Eternal East, among them we can quote:

Hon. Br. AcademicSectionArmchair #

Pablo Fernández CallejasJurisprudence5
Mario Alfonso CaballeroJurisprudence6
Honorato Estévez IbáñezJurisprudence7
José Montoro CéspedesJurisprudence10
Manuel Cros GómezSymbolism1
Ramón González de la GándaraSymbolism2
Domingo F. González GasullaSymbolism3
Félix M. Arguelles ValcárcelSymbolism6
Pedro Fajardo VaronaSymbolism8
José Álvarez Rivera MaldonadoSymbolism9
Teodoro Dollar LeónSymbolism10
Antonio Iraizoz y del VillarHistory1
José L. Vidaurreta MonrealHistory2
René Valdés AcostaHistory3
Ricardo Mestre LlanoHistory7
Emilio Jorge Reyna DuboisHistory10

The Purposes and Object of the Academy

The Academy aims to conduct and direct research and studies of philosophical order, which specify, refine and rationalize the symbolism, jurisprudence and history of Freemasonry.

Motto and Academy Badge

The motto of the Academy is “NOSCE TE IMSUM” (Know yourself). The Insignia is a figure with the shield of the Grand Lodge between two palm leaves, linked at its base, and the motto previously exposed.

Organization of the Academy

The Academy includes the following sections:

1.  Symbolism
2.  Jurisprudence
3.  History

The members of the Academy will be of 5 categories:

1.  Number Academician
2.  Corresponding Scholar
3.  Academic Emeritus
4.  Supernumerary Scholar
5.  Extraordinary Scholar

The Government of the Academy lies in the following organizations:

1.  The Plenary of the Academy
2.  The Governing Board
3.  The Sections

Academy Directive

President: Hon. Bro. Fernando González García. 33
Secretary-Treasurer: Hon. Hno. Manuel Menéndez Cuesta 18
President of Sec. of Symbolism: Hon. Bro. Eduardo Estrada Rondón 33
President of Sec. of History: Hon. Bro.  Ramón Viñas Pérez 33
President of Sec. of Jurisprudence: Hon. Bro. Cayetano Toledo Cabrera 33