Everyone is welcome, regardless of race, color or creed

Freemasons are spiritual and moral people, but there is no place for the discussion of sectarian religion or partisan politics in Freemasonry.

A cabin is not a building... it's the men who form it

The base of the Masonic family is the Masonic lodge. This is where Masonry teaches its lessons

Freemasonry is not a secret society

We are happy to share what we know. Any information about Freemasons can be found in a well-stocked library or Masonic library.

Freemasonry is for men ... but it's a family affair

Women, girls and boys who share Masonic values are welcome to participate in the many social and charitable events organized by the lodges.

Be a Mason

Freemasonry offers the opportunity to improve every man through his teachings, his Masonic associations and a philosophy that has served the social needs of men for centuries, promoting.

These attributes are summarized in the fundamental principles or principles of ancient Freemasonry: brotherly love; Relief; and the truth.


When you become a Mason, you become part of the ancient tradition that extends for centuries. From the original stonemasons that produced some of the most majestic architectural marvels in Europe to the modern freemasons that participate in numerous charitable foundations, you will feel connected to a vital, growing, and spiritually uplifting organization of moral men.

Personal improvement

Learning portions of the Ritual and participating in the Degree stimulates the mind and, along with the work of the committee and the administration of the lodge, presents the opportunity to develop leadership and organizational skills, build self-discipline through commitment, self-assurance and confidence. same, and strengthen the presentation and public speaking skills.

Sense of realization

Participate in lodge projects, whether charitable or of a social nature, provides the opportunity to contribute, work with others and enjoy the success of the effort well spent.

Fellowship - Belonging to a group of like-minded

The modern work environment has reduced or eliminated the social association with co-workers; joining the members of the lodge in a fraternal atmosphere can replace the old confraternity lost in the workplace

A break from the daily routine

Freemasonry brings together men of diverse origins in the lodge, where the daily pressures of a professional career can be left out of the door and where the common theme is companionship.

History of Freemasonry in Cuba



Masonic Museum

A place where to know the Masonic history of Cuba and the world.

Masonic Library

Currently with about 45,000 books, the ideal space for study and learning.

Daughters of the Acacia

Lodges exclusively for women, serving the same ideals of Universal Masonry.

Veterans Masons

Constituted by a group of 27 prominent Cuban Freemasons on May 28, 1893.

Masonic National Home ``Llansó``

The Asylum has the capacity to house 90 Freemasons or family members, and has been built in the cemetery of the Arroyo Naranjo municipality, where the Asilo is located, a modest Pantheon exclusively for the asylees whose relatives request it.

Academy of Higher Masonic Studies

It is one of the organisms that has Freemasonry of Cuba, which is intended for research, purification and the study of Symbolism, History and Masonic Jurisprudence.


Masonic Museum – Inaugurated on February 27, 1955. It is the National Center where expose the passing of a Fraternity that by its own right, had earned a place in the Homeland History.
Masonic Library – Currently with about 45,000 books, magazines and documents.
Daughters of the Acacia – Founded the Order “Daughters of the Acacia” in Cuba, their Lodges are exclusively of women, at the service of the same ideals of the Universal Masonry, but totally independent of the Lodges of men.
Veteran Freemasons – Constituted by a group of 27 prominent Cuban Freemasons on May 28, 1893. To enter this association is required to be an active member of a masonic lodge of CUba for more than 20 years or more in the degree of Master Mason.
Masonic National Home “Llansó” – It has the capacity to house 90 freemasons or family members.
Academy of High Masonic Studies – It is one of the organisms that has Freemasonry of Cuba, which is intended for research, purification and study of Symbolism, History and Masonic Jurisprudence.


Meeting of the zone 2 of the CMI in the Dominican Republic

Zone 2 of the Inter-American Masonic Confederation met in the Dominican Republic to hold its Annual Meeting, under the direction of the President of the VH Zone. Jean Pierre Rollet, representing the Grand National French Lodge and the Grand Masters of Haiti, IH. Yves Benoit Jean Marie, from Dominican Republic IH. Ramón Osiris Blanco Domínguez,…

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Diploma of Recognition to the Grand Lodge of Cuba

The VH. Rudy Barbosa Levy, Executive Secretary of the CMI, delivers to the GM. IH. Lázaro F. Cuesta Valdés a Diploma of Recognition to the Grand Lodge of Cuba for the efforts made in the rescue of the Masonico Llanso National Asylum. This Diploma was not delivered in El Salvador in celebration of the 70th…

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Hallazgo confirms the masonic affiliation of José Martí

Documents found in a lodge in the city of Cienfuegos confirm the masonic affiliation of José Martí, who had the influence of his closest teachers such as José María de Mendive and was already active in that organization at the age of 18. The incorporation of the National Hero of Cuba to this brotherhood was…

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